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Over the last two weeks, many of us have felt intense pain, anger, sadness and frustration. And our Black colleagues, customers and fellow citizens have felt it much more acutely. In fact, these are hardly new emotions in the Black community.

Racism, social inequity and discrimination have blocked the path for so many, particularly the Black community, for far too long. Now, we must channel this emotion, this visibility and this time to forge lasting and meaningful change.

We’ve had many difficult, honest conversations with friends and colleagues about the work we have to do within our company, as well as the social and economic inequities facing the larger Black community. We feel a collective responsibility as individuals and as a company to be a part of taking action to join with our business community as well as our friends and neighbors to take serious action to do more to address centuries of structural racism. We realize there is more we can do as a company and continue to work on additional steps we can take that will have a sustainable impact in the community.

TWCO will be closed this coming Friday June the 19th in honor of Juneteenth, the celebration of Freedom Day and the reading of federal orders freeing previously enslaved people in June of 1865. We are encouraging employees, friends and neighbors to take this day to have intentional conversations about race and inequity and to take steps to examine how each of us may contribute to or allow division based on race in our communities. Moving forward, TWCO commits to taking proactive action in remembrance of Juneteenth to engage in company activities that promote cross-cultural unity.

We realize this is one small step and that the road toward racial equity will likely be a long one, but everyone at TWCO is committed to acknowledging that we as a nation have a systemic discrimination problem. We as individuals and as a company are committed to taking an active approach to work to identify discrimination and to be a part of making lasting changes in ourselves and in our community.