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Easter 2021

TWCO will be closed on Friday April 2nd in observance of Good Friday. If you have an emergency requirement, please contact Joe directly at:

[email protected]

Happy Easter!

A letter from the owner… Black Lives Matter

Over the last two weeks, many of us have felt intense pain, anger, sadness and frustration. And our Black colleagues, customers and fellow citizens have felt it much more acutely. In fact, these are hardly new emotions in the Black community.

Racism, social inequity and discrimination have blocked the path for so many, particularly the Black community, for far too long. Now, we must channel this emotion, this visibility and this time to forge lasting and meaningful change.

We’ve had many difficult, honest conversations with friends and colleagues about the work we have to do within our company, as well as the social and economic inequities facing the larger Black community. We feel a collective responsibility as individuals and as a company to be a part of taking action to join with our business community as well as our friends and neighbors to take serious action to do more to address centuries of structural racism. We realize there is more we can do as a company and continue to work on additional steps we can take that will have a sustainable impact in the community.

TWCO will be closed this coming Friday June the 19th in honor of Juneteenth, the celebration of Freedom Day and the reading of federal orders freeing previously enslaved people in June of 1865. We are encouraging employees, friends and neighbors to take this day to have intentional conversations about race and inequity and to take steps to examine how each of us may contribute to or allow division based on race in our communities. Moving forward, TWCO commits to taking proactive action in remembrance of Juneteenth to engage in company activities that promote cross-cultural unity.

We realize this is one small step and that the road toward racial equity will likely be a long one, but everyone at TWCO is committed to acknowledging that we as a nation have a systemic discrimination problem. We as individuals and as a company are committed to taking an active approach to work to identify discrimination and to be a part of making lasting changes in ourselves and in our community.


Memorial Day 2020

TWCO will be closed for the US Memorial Day Holiday from Friday 5-22 through Monday 5-25 with regular operations resuming on Tuesday 5-26. Per usual, your after hours emergency contact is to email Joe at:

[email protected]

TWCO COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

To Our Valued Customers and Supply Partners,

In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, on March 23, 2020, a Michigan state executive order mandated that 100% workforce of non-essential businesses must stay home. Since The Warehouse Company plays a critical role in the supply of materials and services used in the global response to COVID-19 outbreak as well as essential infrastructure for energy & power generation, food & beverage processing, pharmaceutical & chemical manufacturing, we have an obligation to remain open.

Our priority is first and foremost to protect the health and safety of our employees & their families as well as our customers & supply partners. Our shop personnel who are working on-site are practicing safe social distancing and other precautionary measures consistent with guidelines established by the CDC and WHO. We are also reducing the density of shop personnel in the warehouse by making use of flexible scheduling to maintain only the minimum number of staff on site required for minimum daily operations.

What else is TWCO doing?

  •  Sales, Support and Administrative Staff is being given the option to work remotely wherever possible, and has the information & technology at hand to assist with whatever it is that you need.
  • Our Team will provide you with updates regarding your current orders in process and impact on your need by dates based on changes in the supply chain.
  • TWCO has suspended all travel to customer and supplier sites and restricted supplier and service provider visits to our facility until further notice.
  • We are staying informed of any and all emerging information to ensure we continue to adjust accordingly.

How to contact us?

  • Customer service phone number: 734-667-1496
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Zoom or Google Hangouts for face-to-face video conferencing

Again, we will continue to monitor and assess the situation and keep you up to date in a timely manner.  As always, thank you for your continued support; we wish you all the best.  Please be safe and stay healthy!

Best Regards.

Joe Allen – President


Per one of our news posts from last year, TWCO moved into its new permanent home in May 2018. We never posted photos of our new building and have recently updated all of our site photos to show our new facility. Here are some photos of renovations that were performed before we moved in:


TWCO is moving to its permanent home!

The Warehouse Company is moving! We had planned for our current location to be a temporary location for approximately five years and we will be moving almost exactly five years to the day after moving into our current facility. We’ve been discussing and working on the logistics of moving our company for over a year and a half now and are now quickly approaching the date of our actual move! We’re making this move for two reasons, one is to locate our company to a more centralized location to facilitate our operations for the long term, and the second is simply because we need more space! Thank you so much for your partnership and helping us to outgrow our current facility. As we continue to grow in the years to come we hope that our new location will help us to serve your needs for industrial distribution even better. Since you may be interested, we’ll be posting some photos of our new building and the renovations we’re doing on the company website in the very near future. Since we are moving we will need you to update our contact info in your database. Our new contact information will be as follows:

The Warehouse Co. LLC

7910 N Lilley Road Bldg

Canton, MI 48187

734-667-1496 (phone)

734-449-8698 (fax)

Our phone, fax numbers, email addresses and website are not changing, just our physical location for shipping and mailing. We will officially begin operations in our new building on May 29th, 2018. Customers mailing checks and vendors making shipments please begin sending mail and making shipments to our new address as of May 21st. We have already posted our new contact information on our website and are emailing and mailing this letter to all customers and vendors but please do forward a copy of this letter to any and all people who should receive it. This might include your sales, payables, receivables, managers, shippers and anyone else that may need to know our new contact information. Thanks so much and we’ll look forward to talking to you from our new facility very soon!


7910 Lilley Road Canton, MI, 48187

(734) 667-1496

(734) 449-4698